Homeless Support Update – Shirley, Dala, Sara

Live Longer Lebanon Ad Hoc Steering Committee Quote
Focus on Schools, Faith Communities, and Community-as-a-whole
May 27, 2020, 7a – 8:30a

 Shirley Byrd reported that the Family Assistance and Resource Center (FAC) is still doing outreach by
providing hand sanitizer and COVID-19 information updates to the homeless in our area. She is helping
people shelter in place so they are not moving around in the community – an adaptation of the stay at
home order, and helping them get resources in their own space. They have struggled with a place to
relieve themselves and wash their hands; Shirley reported that she was able to get a grant from the
United Way to contract with a local hotel for showers and portable toilets will be delivered to St.
Martins’ Episcopal Church on Friday. FAC has an ongoing partnership in place with Community
Services Consortium (CSC) and is also now partnering with St. Martins’ to assist the unsheltered during
this pandemic and is doing street outreach there twice a month. She was able to get iPads from CSC to
help the homeless individuals get stimulus checks. She said there are still significant health and
behavioral health needs, and also basic needs. She recently received funding from the Intercommunity
Health Network CCO and is working with CSC, the City of Lebanon and Linn County to facilitate
testing and to find a place to quarantine any of the homeless population who become ill, a requirement
for Phase 1. The group discussed the recent FaceBook post about a gentleman who had become
homeless as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and was on the streets with his young son. When asked
if they needed anything, the child excitedly reported that they were on a big adventure and were going
camping! This was a moving story. Shirley said she has identified eight new homeless individuals this
last month.


"We are grateful for Family Assistance and Resource Center Group's work in our community! Donating our former Incident Command Vehicle was one way to show our gratitude."

MOBILE UNIT - phase 1

The City of Sweet Home's Police Department donated their former Incident Command vehicle to Family Assistance and Resource Center Group (FAC) for their Linn County Street Outreach Response Team (SORT) to use as a mobile unit.

The 1992 Ford 350 formerly served as an ambulance for the Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District. In 2005 the Sweet Home Police Department purchased and converted it to a unit which assisted with evidence collection at drug enforcement scenes. Donating this vehicle to an organization passionate about serving our most vulnerable is a win-win for all of us.

SORT is a collaborative group of volunteers from the community and various organizations, working together to provide outreach services to people experiencing homelessness or housing instability. Services are offered in a trauma-informed way, using harm reduction and housing first principles. This mobile unit will allow the team to meet a wider area of needs, in less time with Linn County services, education, and resources.

FAC Founder and Executive Director, Shirley Byrd, was thrilled to receive this donation. This vehicle will allow members to distribute survival essentials, access to healthcare partners, education in harm reduction, access to community partner services, and programs.

If you would like to volunteer please visit our VOLUNTEER page.

Stay tuned for PHASE 2. 
Our vehicle outreach schedule will be posted soon.

This is what our vehicle currently looks like. She's a beauty. Thank you so much to the Sweet Home Police Department for donating it to us! We are truly grateful for their generosity.

This is our artist conception of what our Street Outreach vehicle will look like when it hits the streets. Keep an eye out for us and feel free to stop and say hi, and find out what we are all about. If you would like to help us with funding to convert our vehicle , or supply street outreach needs, please click the Donate button at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

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