“In order to find yourself, first you must
lose yourself in helping others.”


We believe everyone deserves a home. With no shelter in Lebanon our homeless men, women and children are left to live in their cars, in camps, and on the streets. Family Assistance and Resource Center Group (FAC) assists these people and families by providing survival needs through street outreach, along with information about resources and programs to help them return to long term housing.

We provide resource information to anyone who needs our help over the phone, through our website, social media, text, and face to face. We have an ongoing commitment to social awareness through community education and interaction.

Look for the SNOWFLAKE at stores in Lebanon and Sweet Home for DROP BOXES.
Please drop off needed items such as HAND WARMERS, FOOT WARMERS, EMERGENCY BLANKETS, PONCHOS, HATS, etc. for the homeless. Thank you

(see a full list of needed items on our Donation Closet page)


I would like to thank filmmaker and founder of HEAR US, Diane Nilan, for stopping to talk with us about homelessness in our local communities. She is doing amazing work! Please check out and help support her awesome mission with her HEAR US 2020 Vision Quest


"A great resource for those that need it!
Great people doing great things for our community!"

-  Jen Korcek

"Very passionate and committed."

-  Barsideous Brewing

"You are reaching people and touching their lives in your work! You are an angel on earth."

-  Jenny Rae Miller

"Great new resource for our community, and much needed!!"

-  Sarah Clarke



Blue started running away from an abusive home at the age of 12. By the time she was 16 she was living on the street full time. Through the help of youth and peer programs she got into housing when she was 20. Blue says, the thing she appreciated most when she was living on the street, was the kindness of strangers. She has been in stable housing for the past 25 years.


Jeffrey is 34 years old. He is originally from Wyoming. He has been unhoused most of his adult life. He believes the first step to gaining long term housing is to make everyone feel valuable. He suggests letting the unhoused participate in volunteer programs and city work programs. Jeffery says his number one goal is to make everyone smile.


Doug has been homeless since he fled an abusive home at the age of 13 years old. He enjoys traveling and has been across the United States. Doug has health problems but doesn't like going to the doctor because he feels a stigma in a hospital setting. Some of the most important things to Doug are friendships, warmth, and compassion.

Teresa’s Story

My name is Teresa.  I have lived in Lebanon for twenty plus years. I had kids here, worked here, etc.  Now I am homeless, not because of drugs or anything like that but because I had and have no income.  I collected cans to take care of myself and my girlfriend at one time. I made it, but not easily. We got into an apartment and everything was great.  Then the property management company raised our rent three times. I was not getting enough from collecting cans so I could not pay our rent. In turn I am homeless again and barely surviving.  I am fighting for disability. I go in front of a judge with in 16 months. I’m hoping and praying for the best.

-Teresa Burrece 


FAC loves to help and support the children in unhoused situations. These teddy bears, along with coloring books, crayons, a hygiene pack, tooth brush and toothpaste, and a comfy blanket, were given by us to the Lebanon warming shelter. We greatly appreciate what the warming shelter does for our community.


"Oregon is currently the number one state for unhoused children. No one wants to win this title. Unfortunately, our state's unhoused children are living and sleeping in places that are inhabitable for human beings. Being 4th largest in the nation when it comes to our state's population of the unhoused is especially disturbing since 53% of Oregon's homeless population are families. As the cost of living continues to rise, more and more unstably housed families are losing their homes. In rural area's 78% of the unhoused also go unsheltered. They are forced to live in cars, camps, and the street because there is just no where for them to go. These unfortunate children do not get tucked into a nice, warm bed at night. Some don't know where they will sleep. Day after day they experience a lack of safety, stability, and security that effects the rest of their lives.

As another freezing winter approaches quickly, Lebanon still has no shelter for these families to take refuge. Will you please stand up today and make a commitment to get these people sheltered? We are asking people and businesses like you to help provide necessities that will help families like these survive the cold outdoors, and to work toward returning to long term housing. You can help contribute to providing sustainable, clean, safe, legal, productive, and supportive housing in East Linn County. Please join us to aid those who just need a warm hand up. You can make a one time gift today or better yet pledge a monthly donation that makes a difference all year long.

Homelessness and hardship do not take a break, and with your help we can ensure that hope for these people will not either.”

This is a short list of the necessary items we need for our street outreach efforts. A full list is on our DONATION CLOSET page here on our website.  Please help as much as you can.


Thank you so much,
Family Assistance and Resource Center Group

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Buy COFFEE and 45% of the purchase goes to street outreach to help the homeless.
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The Lobby
661 S Main St, Lebanon, OR 97355

We are partnered with Bottle Drop and have the BLUE CHARITY BAGS. Please go to our CONTACT US page and let us know how to get them to you.

Thank You for your support. Without it we can't move forward and provide more services.

Thank you for your contribution.